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Why CompuAgent?

Let's be realistic - when choosing a website for your real estate business you've got A LOT of choices. Companies that do website design are a dime a dozen and nowadays that even seems to be true of companies specializing in real estate websites.

So why should you choose us?

We provide a full IDX/VOW (Internet Data eXchange/Virtual Office Website) solution INTEGRATED into your website.

The primary reason people will be visiting your website is to search for property listings. They want to see properties with, preferably, lots of nice photos and information. Our system does exactly that allowing your future customers to search properties via both the traditional way of viewing lists of properites based on a search or by map if geography if of principal importance to them. Furthermore, CompuAgent updates these listings every night in conjuction with your MLS. Listings are displayed with all available photographs and virtual tours on your website. We do not "redirect" or "link" you to some other website or use "smart framing" as some call it (in an attempt to disguise a bad thing as good). This is extremely important since you do not control the appearance or operation of a "linked" website and it weakens your presence in the search engines such as Google.

We can't emphasize how important this is... yet MOST websites either don't have search facilities or link to another source for property listings. After all, it's far easier for a web company to skip the most important and complex part of your website as at least 80% of the cost in operating a real estate website is searching listings and serving up property photos... and if the listings aren't directly on your website then you have little control over the appearance of them which usually results in extra, confusing scroll bars appearing and adversely affects your search engine results (if anything the link [that isn't to your website] is what would be indexed).

Aren't there free real estate websites I can get?

Yes there are, but none offer the many other features we build into your website to make it a valuable marketing tool for you. Typically free websites are either

a) Teasers that contain advertising for other websites and/or attempt to upgrade you to a costly product necessary for your website to be effective. On top of that think about this - should you actually pay to upgrade not only are you paying for your upgraded website and the extras that it comes with, but you're also paying for all of the free sites that said company is using to market their 'real' product which is one reason their 'real' product costs more.

b) Are giveaways from your MLS that provide a very limited feature set and no competitive advantage in an effort to convince you of the value your MLS provides given their fees.

We challenge you to find a better value than a CompuAgent real estate website!

Is your product "template based"?

Yes it is. Some web designers argue that a "template based" website system is bad in order to foster business for their own custom solutions. The truth is that all good websites are template based in order to provide a consistent look to visitors.

REEVEsoft, Inc. has evolved from providing a choice of templates to a "Template Editor" that gives you COMPLETE control over the appearance of every page on your website.

A template is just a simple word that means common web page design elements are reused on every page in order to provide a consistent experience to your customers. For example, suppose you want to have your company's name appear in the top right corner of your website - do you really want every page to have a copy of this identical information such that if your company's name ever changed you would have to remember to replace it in 52 other places? Of course, not! Templates are a good design element that allow you to have a common look across your site making it easier to use (imagine if you have to play "find the menu" on every page of a website because the designer stuck it in a different place on every page?) AND easier to maintain.

With CompuAgent and our powerful, new Template Editor you'll have FULL control over every aspect of your website's design.

CompuAgent includes a web based Content Management System!

A Content Management System (or CMS) is just a fancy way of saying our product not only hosts the website, but also allows you to edit it. You won't need an external tool like Front Page or DreamWeaver... CompuAgent does it all. Our Content Management System allows you to easily create new menu items, pages, (and templates!). However, if you'd prefer, REEVEsoft, Inc. will make your tailored changes at a low hourly rate (currently $35/hour) with no monthly retainer or minimum charge.

Can you do those cool animated intros or add music to my website?

Yes! But... we really recommend against doing so, however, ultimately it is your decision.

One thing to keep in mind when designing a website is "who am I making this for?". Hopefully the answer is your clients. We see too many agents losing focus of that key concept. Now, suppose EVERY time I visit your website I have to start watching your logo twirl around before I can do anything. Or every time I hover over a different menu item your website makes a "beep" noise. That's going to become annoying very quickly.

Visit the websites of some of the biggest companies (like or even the biggest real estate companies and note that none of them do that kind of stuff. The reason for this is not because they can't afford the technology. Once again, you're welcome to create your website however you want with CompuAgent, but we try our best to make good, well founded suggestions when it comes to the website designs of our clients.

But these guys also do 'this'...

Chances are that we do, too... it just got buried in our sizable 'feature' list. Lots of the extras such as IDX (yes, I still can't believe that the most important feature is an extra with so many of our competitors either), leads management, email marketing, listing syndication, property flyers, vanity domain names, virtual tour generation... etc are all included with CompuAgent. We want all of our clients to have all of the tools they need at their disposal.

What's the catch? How do you do ALL of this for under $25/month?

There is no catch. We want your business in a market in which you have plenty of choices. We don't sign you up to a long term contract (individual agent contracts are month to month), because we want you as a client for the long haul without financially trapping you into a year long commitment. We conduct our business in a straighforward manner and invite you to compare our product and services to any competitor.

We want satisfied clients and hope that if you're dissatisfied you'll let us know so that REEVEsoft, Inc. has an opportunity to correct the issue. Ultimately, we want you as a happy client so that you'll tell others about us (and yes, we do offer referral fees).

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